Monday, July 14, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend Continued

Ok, so these are out of order because I still don't get this, but oh well.
We had a great 4th weekend. It was lots and fun and some work too. This weekend also marked the end of Jason's traveling for now...hooray!!! Since he is finally spending some time at home, things that have been sitting for a while are finally getting organized which is great!

Today we are going to help mom and dad spread sand around the trampoline and swing set. They've gotten a lot done this past week. It's almost all done!!!
Fun in the hole!!
Cute, huh?
Granny and the kids. They love going to the cabin, especially when Grandma and Grandpa are there.
So cute, but they just don't look anything alike...his dad on the other hand...
Getting ready for the snake hunt. The kids seemed more than slightly confused this year when Grandpa was trying to get them to act like soldiers.

Last night when we were at Mom and Dad's, we did the camera phone thing with Nathan, Jenny, and Tanner. It was hilarious. The kids wouldn't talk to each other, they just kept trying to stick their faces in the camera and made silly faces. Tanner did some awesome tricks for us, and we got a virtual tour of the apartment. It was fun to see them.

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Melanie said...

Awesome pictures, Nat!! Thanks for sending those to me, too. I'm going to steal them for my blog.