Sunday, October 11, 2009


We took one last trip to the cabin for the year. The boys had fall break and Jason and Dad took a little time off of work.

Aubrey was really excited to go. We got her all packed and she wouldn't take off her "pack-pack," which was bigger than her.

Of course the kids did some swinging.

Dad got some smiles out of Logan.

And a little nap with the kids.

The fall leaves were beautiful.

Carter's "gun."

Cute, huh?

Logan didn't like the cold very much.

Down by the river throwing rocks.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

beer gut or baby?

Here's the latest pic of the baby bump. Feeling lots of kicks. Jer finally got to feel a kick when he laid his head on me and the baby kicked him in the jaw. :-) Everything is going really well. No more morning sickness or excessive tiredness. We go in on Thursday at noon for the ultrasound! We're so excited! My O.B. said to bribe the ultrasound technician if you want more info. I'm seriously considering it.

We've been on a football overload lately. I'm the photographer for Erin's cheer team (freshman) and Robby plays Varsity. They won their first game on friday in the last 4 seconds. It was an awesome game. And then we've got Collie playing for the Indianpolis Colts and he scored his first touchdown today. On top of that, Jer watches every other NFL game. :-) But it's been fun. Football helps it feel like fall even if the weather doesn't feel fally yet.

Jeremy was Austin's assistant basketball coach this week. The head coach was out and my dad stepped up as coach with jer's help. It was a lot of fun.

I finally got my family to play Shanghai! We've been playing a ton. It's just been Erin and Robby, but eventually we'll get my mom and dad into it. Although for now we don't have enough decks, so it's just as well.

Anyways, this update is not as exciting as I had hoped...just wanted to show the pic and let you all know we're doing well. Post some pics of Logan, will ya! I want to see what the little guy looks like now!