Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun on Wheels

The kids had a great time having Tanner here. Here are some pictures of our first afternoon together during their visit.

Conference Weekend...yeah, I know it was a month ago

Here are just a couple of cute pictures I took while the men were away at the Priesthood Session.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to the Zoo

It has been a crazy long time since anyone posted here, so I thought I'd remedy that. . .

Friday afternoon, in an effort to entertain the youngins, and ourselves, we headed off to Hogle Zoo. Ben and I bought a season pass months ago, and we wanted to make sure we were getting some use out of it.

Nat and her kids joined us, and we had a lot of fun. We missed Tanner, though. Some day, we all need to go to the zoo at the same time. . . .

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hangin' at the Park

They're baaaccckkk!!

Nolan needed to be part of the conversation. He and Aubrey are still trying to figure out what they think of each other.

But he knows what he thinks of Ethan
He's awesome!

Carter, sportin' an awesome shiner from a run in with the bunk bed.

Grandma playing frisbee with Ethan, Carter and Natalie

And Natalie mocking grandma's skills. She couldn't get up, she was laughing so hard.

Nolan was shocked at the disrespect. All he could say was "WOW!"

He wasn't sure what he thought of the slide. . .

I think Aubrey liked it a little better, but the sun was pretty bright. . .

But Jason enjoyed the park the most. . .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jeremy and Emily Update

Hello people! We hope everyone is doing great. Glad to see some more relatives have joined facebook- can't have too many ways to connect, right?

Well, the countdown is actually here for us- Jeremy has 7 days of work left. He gives his final presentation next Thursday where he dresses up, has a power point presentation and presents what he's learned and done to managers.

Hopefully the weekend after Jeremy's work (15th-17th) some DeMasos and us are going to the coast for some abalone diving and camping. We'd like to see the Pacific ocean one last time!

Then after that, we will hopefully pack up our stuff and leave- it's definitely cheaper for us to get out of here fast and live in Provo. BUT, unfortunately, finding an apartment has been really hard since I'm only going off the internet...and most don't have any pictures. So, we still don't know when we're moving because we need to have an apartment lined up before we can secure a moving we'll see.

There's a DeMaso family reunion thingy in Midway, UT from the 22nd to the 28th. We'll probably go for a day or two.

I don't know what the Webster plans are, but we'd like to hang out with you all on Labor day. So if we don't see you before then- we definitely want to reunite then (minus Nathan, Jenny and sad).

Anyways, just wanted to give you all a heads up because we're coming back so SOON! Get the balloons and banners ready! ;-)

Oh, and we had a lovely anniversary celebration. :-) Many wonderful years to come.

Love Love

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Call for Dates & Pictures

Hey everyone!

Mom and I were talking when we were up there last week about putting together a family calendar. You can make them super easily on iphoto, and we were thinking it would be great to have everyone's birthdays and anniversaries in it, with great pictures of everyone.

SO, I am looking for dates and pictures from everyone so I can get one put together. I have pictures of everyone, but I'm guessing that all of your have some favorites in your own computers that you'd rather use. . . and if you don't, that's OK too. I'll pick some. I'm looking for an individual shot of everyone, kids and adults alike, as a birthday marker, a wedding photo for your anniversary, and then just a few of your favorites of you, your kids, your family all together. . . maybe 5-10 from each family. I'm hoping we can make something really cool.

And I think I know MOST of the dates I need, but just to be sure, if you could give me a list, including years, that would be awesome.

Let me know if you have questions or anything. . . You can just email the pictures to me. If you can send the highest quality you have (within reason, Jer & Em. . . you can size yours down if you want, so they aren't too huge. I always have to do that with mine)


Friday, July 25, 2008

Crawling with Grandpa

Because this blog needed some love, and I thought this was pretty darn cute

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hey, our Sea World one is finally posted, but it's from when I actually did the post so you won't see it at the top. It's called Sea World. Hope everything is going well. Jenny and Tanner are headed out to D.C. this week to see her dad get an award. Feel free to call me, cause I'm going to be home alone! Haha. Love you all!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend Continued

Ok, so these are out of order because I still don't get this, but oh well.
We had a great 4th weekend. It was lots and fun and some work too. This weekend also marked the end of Jason's traveling for now...hooray!!! Since he is finally spending some time at home, things that have been sitting for a while are finally getting organized which is great!

Today we are going to help mom and dad spread sand around the trampoline and swing set. They've gotten a lot done this past week. It's almost all done!!!
Fun in the hole!!
Cute, huh?
Granny and the kids. They love going to the cabin, especially when Grandma and Grandpa are there.
So cute, but they just don't look anything alike...his dad on the other hand...
Getting ready for the snake hunt. The kids seemed more than slightly confused this year when Grandpa was trying to get them to act like soldiers.

Last night when we were at Mom and Dad's, we did the camera phone thing with Nathan, Jenny, and Tanner. It was hilarious. The kids wouldn't talk to each other, they just kept trying to stick their faces in the camera and made silly faces. Tanner did some awesome tricks for us, and we got a virtual tour of the apartment. It was fun to see them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Growing a trampoline

To grow a trampoline, you need lots of bricks,

A big hole in the ground,

(And you will have to kill off any trees that might be in the way)

Then add a healthy dose of shade,

Mix them all together,


Wait about a year,

And presto, a trampoline grows right before your eyes!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Saturday night we spent a couple of hours working in the hole. You'll all be happy to know that a lot of progress was made, and dad is confident that the trampoline will be in that hole by the end of the week!! Hooray!!

Once it got dark, we went outside for some fireworks.

Nat brought sparklers for the boys to try.

Ethan had a bit of an allergy attack, so his eyes were crazy red.
Don't worry, we didn't put anything in the brownies.

Soon after this picture, Carter burned his hand on his sparkler... Poor kid.

And Nat gave us a little interpretive dance show with the sparklers. I really wish I'd gotten this on video. it was awesome. But Ben got a few good still shots:

Everyone had lots of treats and lots of fun, and Nolan managed to fall asleep on my lap during the grand finale. (That's how you know a baby is really tired)

Cabin Time

We spent the 4th of July at the cabin this year. The weather felt blissful compared to last year. (though that may have been because I wasn't pregnant) We spent a great day on Friday at Bear Lake, but we didn't take cameras. . . I'm regretting that now. But, here are a few good shots from the cabin. I know Nat has a lot more. Hopefully she'll share :)

Getting ready to go to the lake.
He liked the tube a lot better in the cabin than he did in the water.

Aubrey thought grandpa's shoes were a good accessory for the beach.
As was Carter's sword.

Ethan and Carter watching Ben play Zelda on his DS.

Aubrey trying out extreme Yahtzee

Nolan thought Aubrey's shoes looked like a nice chew toy.
She wasn't thrilled with that idea.

Nolan hangin' in the swing out back.