Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Call for Dates & Pictures

Hey everyone!

Mom and I were talking when we were up there last week about putting together a family calendar. You can make them super easily on iphoto, and we were thinking it would be great to have everyone's birthdays and anniversaries in it, with great pictures of everyone.

SO, I am looking for dates and pictures from everyone so I can get one put together. I have pictures of everyone, but I'm guessing that all of your have some favorites in your own computers that you'd rather use. . . and if you don't, that's OK too. I'll pick some. I'm looking for an individual shot of everyone, kids and adults alike, as a birthday marker, a wedding photo for your anniversary, and then just a few of your favorites of you, your kids, your family all together. . . maybe 5-10 from each family. I'm hoping we can make something really cool.

And I think I know MOST of the dates I need, but just to be sure, if you could give me a list, including years, that would be awesome.

Let me know if you have questions or anything. . . You can just email the pictures to me. If you can send the highest quality you have (within reason, Jer & Em. . . you can size yours down if you want, so they aren't too huge. I always have to do that with mine)



Mrs. Webster said...

Will Do!

Jenny Webster said...

We actually had the same thought and were going to make one for your parents for x-mas! So we will get that to you, that will be nice for everyone to have one....we'll do something else for Jean and Larry! :-)