Monday, July 7, 2008

Cabin Time

We spent the 4th of July at the cabin this year. The weather felt blissful compared to last year. (though that may have been because I wasn't pregnant) We spent a great day on Friday at Bear Lake, but we didn't take cameras. . . I'm regretting that now. But, here are a few good shots from the cabin. I know Nat has a lot more. Hopefully she'll share :)

Getting ready to go to the lake.
He liked the tube a lot better in the cabin than he did in the water.

Aubrey thought grandpa's shoes were a good accessory for the beach.
As was Carter's sword.

Ethan and Carter watching Ben play Zelda on his DS.

Aubrey trying out extreme Yahtzee

Nolan thought Aubrey's shoes looked like a nice chew toy.
She wasn't thrilled with that idea.

Nolan hangin' in the swing out back.

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Mrs. Webster said...

It wasn't hot as hell? That's good! Sounds like fun!