Monday, July 7, 2008


Saturday night we spent a couple of hours working in the hole. You'll all be happy to know that a lot of progress was made, and dad is confident that the trampoline will be in that hole by the end of the week!! Hooray!!

Once it got dark, we went outside for some fireworks.

Nat brought sparklers for the boys to try.

Ethan had a bit of an allergy attack, so his eyes were crazy red.
Don't worry, we didn't put anything in the brownies.

Soon after this picture, Carter burned his hand on his sparkler... Poor kid.

And Nat gave us a little interpretive dance show with the sparklers. I really wish I'd gotten this on video. it was awesome. But Ben got a few good still shots:

Everyone had lots of treats and lots of fun, and Nolan managed to fall asleep on my lap during the grand finale. (That's how you know a baby is really tired)


Mrs. Webster said...

Is there anyway we can get Natalie to reenact that dance when we get back? ;-)

Melanie said...

I think there are plenty of sparklers left :) Nat? You wanna give an encore performance?

Natalie said...

Heck, yeah!!!